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Think about it -

1. Do you enjoy strolling through festi? Have you ever gone on a pilgrimage? Do you form part of a brotherhood, or an organisation? Who invited you to join the rituals? Do you have a beautiful memory of the festa? Or perhaps, curious about rituals, but find it difficult to engage with them?

2. Do you have photos, videos of the festa or another ritual/function that you’re passionate about, that you’ve taken and that you’d like to share with us?

Send us your story, and be a part of the RITWALI project - a collective journey through our rituals and the stories we create around them.

With your contribution and those of others, we are aiming to map together rituals, rites and traditions onto a website, ritwali.mt, and our social media networks. This is a way to bring us all together, especially in the circumstances that we’re living now and the rituals we can’t live through because of the crisis of the global pandemic.


What story would you like to share with us? All of the submitted stories will contribute, in its own way, to this intertwining of stories about feasts, pilgrimages, rites and other rituals. Every contribution will be curated and retained to be used on our website, ritwali.mt, our social media networks and our archives.

We’re looking for WRITINGS, MEMORIES, RECORDINGS, PHOTOS or VIDEOS of feasts, functions, rituals of any kind. Whether the humbler, quieter sort or the fun, crowded kind, we want to hear from you:

  • Village festi,
  • Smaller, more intimate festi,
  • Pilgrimages or processions,
  • Liturgical functions,
  • and any other type of cultural/religious ritual of your choice.

If you’re interested in contributing to the project with a story about a ritual that is not listed here, please drop us a line anyway on [email protected]

All collaborators and sources will be credited directly on the RITWALI platforms accordingly. RITWALI intends to build links and collaborations with other projects, websites and/or social media channels already dedicated to rituals (festi and other traditions) across the Maltese Islands.


RITWALI embodies a series of collective actions that embrace shared values and aspirations, themselves creating vibrant narratives and vivid imaginaries of their historical and cultural roots. With the passing of time, the collective memory of older and younger generations continues to thrive, throughout the Maltese Islands.

RITWALI will be an online meeting place that will act as a common depository of collective memories, as well as a space for ideas, research and creative work related to rituals.

These rituals make up who we are, who we have always been, and who we will be, as we change through time and space, each time complementing our social belonging and deeper yearning for community.

For any queries, please contact [email protected]

This project is funded by the Malta Arts Fund / Arts Council Malta.

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