About us

RITWALI is an invitation to remember, live and create stories about and around our rituals and how they contribute to our Maltese identity.

Built as a digital platform, RITWALI weaves together individual and collective stories, criticism and art relating to Maltese rituals to form a single map, but with different paths to engender the (re)discovery of rituals, in an anthropological, cultural but also ethnographical exercise. By engaging a broader public and building this map of narratives behind rituals, we can discuss community identity, shared beliefs, public space, and creative expression.

Through a number of open calls, RITWALI sets out to collect photos, videos and other kinds of media relating to personal recollections of rituals, that will then be curated and linked to traditional and contemporary art and creative, academic and critical writings, to then yield an annual calendar for the rituals of the Maltese Islands.

These aspects together form the three pillars or foundations that are themselves outcomes that, in turn, organically contribute to one another, as well as research and development phases in their own right:

  1. The Gathering (Il-Ġabra): of crowdsourced memories and remembrances that form the foundation and inspiration for writings, film and other artistic and critical works.
  2. The Lens (Il-Lenti): of academics, artists, practitioners, the religious and others with an interest in the spirituality behind rituals, cast upon the gathering.
  3. The Mast (L-Arblu): of dates, times and happenings to weave together all the rituals we’ve lost, lived through and are yet to create.

The project is the brainchild of Alex Vella Gregory and Giuliana Barbaro-Sant, in collaboration with a number of other artists. Beyond the desire to contribute towards our culture and the cultural heritage of our country, the core aim of the project is to create a dialogue, a meeting place for all aspects of rituals to come together, whether popular, critical, artistic, where all these different perspectives may exist and empower each other on an open platform.

This project is supported by Arts Council Malta.